NetPlus Communications is all about business efficiency. Making dollar sense out of your communications network.

More than an exclusive network consulting company, NetPlus goes further by getting directly involved in the day-to-day management and operations of your communications infrastructure, ensuring seamless continuity of your company's business operations.

Very often, your company's communications network is encumbered with legacy infrastructure that does not leverage on cost efficient design, or even worse, faced with hefty operating costs that somehow does not translate into better communication experience for your company and customers.

Service Overview

Our consultants are there to collaborate with you, as your company's CEO or CFO, to derive maximum cost benefits from reliable and proven technology solutions that helps you lower network operations costs, with minimal investment outlay. 

  • GAP Analysis                                                                    
    Our first step is to deploy our team of consultants, with real operational expertise, in sourcing out gaps within your present communication infrastructure that is preventing you from gaining network cost efficiencies. These inefficient gaps can be caused by a myriad of factors, from simple issues such as unproductive system administration to historical, inherited, archaic network design.

  • Intensive Consultation                                             
    Holding intensive consultations with not just management staff but normal everyday users, our consultants map out a detailed network strategy focusing on a single business principle, maximize network investment returns by improving communications performance, lower operational costs, minimizing investment outlay.
  • Implementation and Operationalization        
    Consultancy is then translated into actual practical reality when our network service managers implement and operationalize the entire network solution from simple equipment procurement to establishing global communication links with regional providers. Providing day-to-day management and operational services with a single contact point for all of your communication needs.                  

Relying on neat, simple and elegant solutions that go beyond market hype and fashionable trends, we transform your network communications into a seamless and transparent environment for business continuity.